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9 Bollywood Celebs Who Were Caught With Drugs

 Our general public has, since quite a while ago, looked upto motivating individuals to push ahead in life. What's more, to a significant number of us, those motivating individuals happen to be the inhabitants of B-Town. Bollywood, the captivating universe of stars, has its own dim privileged insights. 

Much the same as Hollywood, Bollywood stars are additionally opening up, valiantly as they discuss their great and terrible sides, notwithstanding with respect to their addictions. 

Some of those Bollywood stars have shared their stories on how and when did they start sedate habit and how they combat it out however there are numerous who rejected it as gossipy tidbits. 

It is not about how they debased themselves as they fell prey to medicate enslavement however how they developed successful by beating their compulsion. 

We should discover it out who were sufficiently striking to share their darker side. 

1. Fardeen Khan 
 He was captured in 2001, for supposedly having cocaine, and was sent to the recovery focus around the same time. In 2012, he was conceded safeguard. 

2. Sussanne Khan 

 She is supposed to be a medication fiend, and this is thought to be one reason of her separation with Bollywood on-screen character Hrithik Roshan. 

3. Vijay Raaz 

 In 2005, he was likewise confined in Dubai airplane terminal on charges of medications ownership. 

4. Ranbir Kapoor 
 In a meeting with India Today, he conceded that he smoked pot in his acting school, and he is accounted for to have continued it amid the making of film Rockstar. 

5. Gauri Khan
 Bollywood performing artist Shah Rukh Khan's better half was supposedly gotten with pot at Berlin airplane terminal. 

6. Sanjay Dutt 
 Once the most popular medication junkie, he was captured in tranquilize case. He likewise got conceded at a medication recovery focus in the US. 

7. Rahul Mahajan 
 After the passing of his dad and BJP government official Pramod Mahajan, he was hospitalized for the overdose of cocaine and later was captured for having it. Other than being a pilot, he was a reality demonstrate performer. 

8. Prasad Bidapa
 Prasad Bidapa, the design master, was kept in Dubai for 33 days for having 1.5 grams of weed in 2005. His pee test demonstrated the nearness of the medication. 

9. Gitanjali Nagpal 
Previous model Gitanjali Nagpal did every insane thing for cash to control her longing for drugs. She even filled in as house keeper and invested evenings with men, which inevitably drove her to live on the pathway.

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