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A REAL Pikachu Was Caught In Africa! Now Scientists Question The Existence Of POKEMON

An appalling discovery has been recently made in Kenya. The populaces of a native village in Kenya have caught what seems to be a real live Pikachu.

Does it sound sham to you? Scroll down to figure it out yourself:

 Pokemon, a multi-millionaire media franchise that was formed by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 originally as a video game for the Gameboy, then later expanded the business horizon to trading cards, TV shows, movie films, toys, etc.

Around 500 different species of Pokemon

 The Pokemon world is colonised by Pokemon, creatures that are held to contest for amusement. There were 151 unique Pokemon and have increased to over 500 in due course of time. Many Pokemon kinds are real, comprising that of water, electric, fire, psychosomatic, rock, etc. The newly captured Pikachu in Africa is an electrically powered type Pokemon and has been confirmed to have electronic abilities as per the people who get the chance to catch the creature. See picture of newly found Pikachu above:

Electrically powered Pikachu

 As per one of the villagers Montassar Hssine (he was one of the villagers who helped in capturing the unique species of Pikachu) - the creature has got weird and magnificent electric powers. He further added that they could not find Pokeball anyplace so they had to fasten it with their hand and place it inside a cage. They were literally amazed as the creature was releasing out strong jolts of electricity. Well, he even said that they cannot see the electricity with a naked eye since few of them have touched it and sensed the electric shock. However, the jolt of electricity released wasn’t that deadly but was a minor shock wave that can make you pull back your hand immediately. I felt like Ash Ketchum for a second” Montassar expressed.

Measured electricity jolt- 10 amp

 Scientists immediately have taken the custody of the newly found Pikachu so as to carry out the desired study on the unusual powers of the creature. The scientists of Kenya are bewildered by the animal, rather I would say, the Pokemon. The researchers witnessed that the Pikachu had the body of a Chinchilla, ears of a rabbit, a tail with a contour of a lightning bolt, and its fur was yellow, and had little red dots in the cheek zone, closely similar to the Pikachu we all see on TV. “It is almost Alike, The only big dissimilarity from the Pikachu on TV, is that this live Pikachu did not have the ability to discharge sufficient electrical energy to actually hurt anybody. It did have electric power, but merely 10 amperes in AC current, which is in some measure stronger than a dreadful gum toy. It only makes use of this electrical energy when feels threatened by human touch, dreading the person or animal in self-protection. It also wasn’t as endearing as the Pikachu in the show, so, I’m a bit disenchanted” says Zoologist Michael Mamalyha.

The unearthing of the Pikachu has raised many new questions in the mind of the general populace as well as scientists. How many varied categories of Pokemon are out there? The Pikachu will be safely held in reserve at the Masinde Muliro University of Science for auxiliary reviewing.

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