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Boyfriend Doesn’t Pull Out On Time, See How His Girlfriend Reacts

Tricks are played among individuals to drive some enjoyment out of the circumstance. By and large individuals play tricks by causing some humiliation by playing a down to earth joke or making a deception of something that has not by any means happened. This is precisely what a YouTube client 'MysticGot Jokes' did to his sweetheart. He made a figment in her psyche and she was angry at him for his trick. Look down to perceive how he got her so resentful that even after he revealed to her that it was trick she didn't trust him : 

YouTube User MysticGot Jokes
 Mark Williams is a YouTube user who has popular channel on ‘MysticGot Jokes’. He has over 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube and is known for playing pranks on people.

Prank On His Girlfriend
 He decided to play a silly prank on girlfriend while he was in love act with her.

He Has Sly Laugh
 He gets a sly laugh on his face and tells her that they must think of planning family sometime soon, nine months precisely

His Girlfriend Gets Furious

 His girlfriend gets furious and starts hitting him off as she gets illusion that he has got her pregnant. She tells him that he is going ruin her life.

He Finally Reveals That It Was A Prank
The moment he realises that his girlfriend is getting too upset about it, he tells her that it’s a joke and cameras were on to record her reaction. He apologizes to her and tries to explain her that she won’t get pregnant, however she is already too upset and she doesn’t care further to hear him out. She slams and leaves.

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