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Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4: Arya returns to Winterfell, Daenerys’ dragon wreaks havoc on Lannister army

The Spoils of War begins with Jaime stacking gold shipment to be sent to King's Landing for Iron Bank of Braavos. Bronn approaches Jamie for the lordship of Highgarden. Jaime says Daenreys Targaryen may take it the following day Bronn moves in. The scene slices to Mark Gattis' wondering about Cersei over her capacity to pay such a gigantic obligation to Iron Bank in a solitary portion. 

We change to Winterfell where Littlefinger is demonstrating Bran the knife that was utilized to execute him back in season 1. The blade, alongside Littlefinger, may have begun the War of the Five Kings. Wheat takes a gander at it aloofness, at that point figures out how to stun Littlefinger by citing last's acclaimed "Turmoil is a stepping stool" line. It is an awesome minute, and the ace plotter is out of his group here. Littlefinger trusted he knew everything, except Bran knows everything. Meera comes to say goodbye to Bran and is terrified to see that the individual she sees before her is not Bran by any means. This individual knows such a great amount about the world that he is totally tone-hard of hearing before the general population around him. 

This is a period of unions and reunions. Arya Stark at long last touches base at Winterfell and she turned out poorly King's Landing all things considered. Cersei is alright until further notice. She moves beyond the gatekeepers and goes specifically to the tombs. Sansa comes and they embrace, yet there is cumbersomeness. They don't perceive the individual they see before them. This is just a sad remnant of them. There is warmth, yet the held sort. Sansa takes Arya to Bran and Bran gives the Valyrian steel blade to Arya. Sansa in the interim recognizes the joy clearly as she supports the knife in her arms. 

Slice to Dragonstone. Jon welcomes Daenerys to the caverns underneath the heap of dragonglass. There are carvings on the dividers made by Children of the Forest and the First Men. One of the carvings demonstrate the regular adversary: Whitewalkers. Jon utilizes this to disclose to Daenerys how even extraordinary races met up to battle the Whitewalkers. So why can't Starks and Targaryens? Daenerys says she'll battle for him against the genuine adversary just when Jon twists the knee. Tyrion Lannister and Varys reveal to Daenerys the terrible news. Daenerys loses persistence and irately says, "Enough with the astute plans." 

In Winterfell, Brienne and Pod are rehearsing sword battling, and obviously Podrick is no match for Brienne. There is, notwithstanding, some individual in Winterfell who is. Arya meets Brienne and takes part in a duel. It is a pleasantly arranged little battle that closures at Arya pointing the blade at Brienne's throat. Sansa and Littlefinger are viewing. Sansa leaves dejectedly understanding that everyone she knows is changed. As a matter of fact she herself is a long way from the crying, delicate young lady that left to king's Landing. Despite the fact that Jon kicked the bucket and returned and battled and slaughtered a Whitewalker, he is the nearest to what he was the point at which he exited for the Wall. 

Slice back to Dragonstone, Theon Greyjoy arrives. Jon holds him by the throat and discloses to him what he accomplished for Sansa is the main reason he won't execute him. Discuss getting a great welcome. 

Randyll Tarly discloses to Jaime that all the gold has securely experienced King's Landing. Be that as it may, at that point the peculiar happens. Daenerys' Dothraki armed force arrives. How could it achieve so rapidly from Dragonstone to some place in the Riverlands? The topography in Game of Thrones appears to be odd now and again, and here and there individuals appeared to have transported themselves, yet this was odd notwithstanding for Game of Thrones. 

Anyway, the Dothraki armed force wreaks ruin on the Lannister and Tarly with their stallions and bended swords. Furthermore, if that weren't sufficient, Danerys herself touches base on Drogon, and the majority of the Lannister armed force is lessened to seething loads of cinder. Tyrion, who is watching the slaughter from a separation, feels a string for the Lannister fighters who are in effect efficiently murdered by the Dothraki and Drogon. Bronn fires a gigantic lance like bolt toward Drogon. This bolt resembles the one that was utilized to murder Smaug in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit set of three. Drogon is harmed, however not dead. As Daenerys is taking the bolt out, Jaime sees a shot and goes to slaughter either Drogon or Daenerys. Tyrion murmurs, "You f***ing imbecile" and just before Jaime can utilize the lance he has, Drogon inhales fire and some individual (my wager is Dickon Tarly) spares Jaime at the last possible second by pushing him into the adjacent lake.

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