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Hike Messenger acquires Bengaluru-based technology startup Creo

Indian informing application Hike has procured the group behind Creo, a Bangalore-based startup known for discharging cell phones, media gushing dongles, and a working framework. Climb discharged an announcement declaring the obtaining. Climb Messenger is controlled by Kavin Bharti Mittal. 

"The Creo group will start deal with an engineer stage to empower outsider designers to manufacture benefits on the Hike stage", a Hike representative said. The money related points of interest of the arrangement have not been uncovered by the organization. The 50-part Creo group does not appear to be chipping away at the equipment, 

Creo was established by Sai Srinivas Kiran G, and Shubham Malhotra in 2013, previous Hike representatives. Creo was before known as Mango Man Consumer Electronics. Its first monetarily accessible buyer item was a spilling media dongle, Teewee. The gadget was like Google Chromecast as far as usefulness. 

A year ago, Creo had propelled the Mark 1, a cell phone that ran Fuel OS in view of Android. The telephone was propelled for Rs 19,999 and after three months, the cost was sliced by 6,000. In October, the organization had affirmed that the Mark 1 would be its last cell phone. 

"To construct our next item, we require all the concentration and good fortunes we can. Attributable to this, we will never again be making new CREO Mark1 gadgets or discharging any product refreshes", the organization composed on its official site. 

This is Hike's third huge securing. Already, Hike had gained ZipPhone, a US-based free voice-calling organization in 2015 and content sharing stage Pulse. Climb is a cross stage informing administration, much the same as WhatsApp and WeChat. As of January 2016, Hike has traversed 100 million clients.

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