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Salma Hayek once threatened a filmmaker Ivan Reitman with legal action

On-screen character Salma Hayek says she debilitated movie producer Ivan Reitman with legitimate activity after he declined to see her amid a tryout since they "loathed" her. The 50-year-old had gone to try out for a part in a film. She was initially informed that the lead part would be adjusted to suit her local dialect, yet her delegates were later told they would be "insane" on the off chance that they thought they would oblige her for something besides a "bimbo" part, reports The Guardian daily paper. 

"I've never said this to anybody, the name of the executive, yet it was Ivan Reitman. I was screen-trying for the lead in a film and they said that it was not composed Latin, but rather they wouldn't see any problems with evolving it," she said. "I took in the content however when they sent me the pages for the tryout, there was none of the things I had learned, it was another part. So my specialist called them and they stated, 'Would you say you are insane? She's Mexican. We can change the race of the bimbo, however not the lead'. 

"What's more, they said 'Totally by no means'. So I stated, 'Approve, you disclose to them that they either observe, or I will sue them'. What's more, they said 'There's no reason for her coming, regardless of the possibility that she had been the best tryout she would have never got the part yet now we detest her. Does she need to come realizing that we disdain her?" 

Prior, Salma Hayek has additionally opened up about the time Donald Trump asked her out on the town amid an appearance on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. She uncovered that the now US President once endeavored to hit on her at an occasion where he initially become a close acquaintence with her then-beau, detailed US week after week.

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