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8 Funny Habits That Show India Is Different From Other Countries

Life in India is brimming with measures and scenes. We have our own diverse world, customs ,propensities and a one of a kind style of living which separates us from alternate nations of the world. Something which may be cool in remote nations, is an unthinkable in India and the other way around.

In this post, the group of FunniestIndian has ordered 8 such amusing actualities which indicate how extraordinary is India from remote nations.

Here Are 8 Such Funny Facts Which Differentiates Us From Others:

1- When you are drunk
Unlike foreign countries, where people go home after getting drunk, Indians look for an alternative accommodation as our parents consider drinking as the biggest sin of life. No matter how old you get, they will still shout at you if they catch you drunk.
 2- Girlfriends/ Boyfriends
The second your mom gets to know about your relationship, the first question she has on her mouth,”Do you wanna marry him/her?” There is nothing called casual relationship in their dictionary.
 3- Pregnancy
Unlike foreign countries, where women flaunt their baby bumps, Indian women try to keep it discreet,”Kahin nazar na lag jaye”.
 4- Topping the exams
When a kid tops an exam in India, his/her parents are more concerned about distributing sweets to relatives rather than asking him/her what does they want. In foreign countries, the child is given all the priority rather than relatives.
 5- Public Urination
In foreign countries, Deities are drawn on walls to pay them reverence and promote art. In India, at many places deities are drawn on walls to prevent people from urinating there. The fear of god stops them from urinating there.
 6- Honking On Roads
A lot of foreign countries spend millions every year to make their citizens aware about sound pollution. But in India, trucks promote honking on roads have the words “Horn OK Please” painted on the back.
 7- People are declared dead even if they are alive
Santosh Kumar Singh from Uttar Pradesh fought for 9 years to prove he is alive.False death certificates are often issued in cases of land grabbing.
 8- Freedom of Speech
There have been cases in India where people have been arrested for speaking their minds on social media. In foreign countries especially the western world, every body is free to say whatever they want.

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